Saturday, 9 December 2017

London, Scotland, Manchester and Liverpool all want the same deal that Northern Ireland got.

Brian Pallister Thanks Winnipeg Chamber Of Commerce Chair For Wearing heels
How dare he comment on her heels. That is sexual harassment, equivalent to assault
London, Scotland, Manchester and Liverpool all want the same deal that Northern Ireland got.
London, Scotland, Manchester and Liverpool all want the same deal that Northern Ireland got.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

The Number of Homeless People Rises on American Streets
Welcome to Donnie Trump's America.
Voucher Schools Championed By Betsy DeVos Can Teach Lies.It the nature of religious schools to teach hate for ideas that conflict with their religion. It is not new, it is universal. All religious schools teach hate for something. All.

Doug Jones Hits At Opponent Roy Moore: ‘Men Who Hurt Little Girls Should Go To Jail’
Men who hurt little girls belong in the House, Senate and the Presidency.

Canada Scraps Plan To Buy Boeing Jets As Bombardier Dispute Rages On
I should certainly hope so.
Boeing had no dog in this fight and only did it deliberately to stuff a Canadian company.

In Wedding-Cake Case, Supreme Court Weighs Clash Between Gay Rights and Religious Views
And if your religious views oppose mixed-race marriages, you will not sell to those contemplating a mixed-race marriage. And if your religious beliefs say that you will not treat someone who is drunk in the emergency room. Or someone who eats pork.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Republicans Rewrite Portions Of Tax Bill Hours Before Vote
Real easy: just keep inheritance tax, alternative minimum tax, repeal the carried interest deduction and the step up in basis rule. Done!

Your xenophobia is trying to divide our country. Why? Do you not like america? Imagine you had tweeted about the Jews being Christ killers.

Minnesota Public Radio Drops Garrison Keillor Over Allegations of Improper Conduct
Garrison Keillor fired after allegations of improper behaviorThe Garrison Keillor story suggests that women groping is not treated the same as men groping. Why? I noted the picture of Leeanne Tweedon groping a band member on the same tour as the Franken incident that she was upset about. Why is it OK for females but not for males? Is it just sexism? Are we now to the stage where men are guilty until proven innocent and women the other way 'round?

How The GOP Tax On Tuition Waivers Would Affect My StudentsI don't understand this. College Scholarships, including football scholarships, are not considered income. Why don't the grad schools simply recast their grad student tuition waivers as scholarships?

Sunday, 19 November 2017


How Will Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey Explain A Roy Moore Vote To Little Girls?
She will say that we would rather be represented by a paedophile - someone who wants to do you harm - than by a Democrat. See, it's because a paedophile wants to wreck your life (though it us true he will only do it to a few of you) but a Democrat is from another party and that would upset our doners

The Queen November 20, 1947. Here Are Seven Ways Marriage has changed
And the biggest change is: 
it is not "until death do us part" it is now "until it's no longer convenient."

Friday, 17 November 2017

Alabama Governor Plans To Vote For Roy Moore Despite Sexual Assault Accusations
Too right. We'd rather be represented by a pedophile than a Democrat... 
Paedophiles only prey on 14-year-olds, but Democrats are different party.

Married teacher and JV cheerleading coach, 23, arrested for sex affair with teen boy student
I don't understand. Ray Moore said it was okay.

Bill Clinton should have resigned over Monica Lewinsky affair, Democratic senator says
Doesn't understand.
 If your guy did sexual harassment it's okay, if the guy in the other party did it, he should be hounded out of politics.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Three British Actors Explain Why Casting Couch Culture Isn’t Just A Hollywood Problem
Gosh, being told to blow up a balloon until it burst in her face to she a shocked reation is certainly sexual harassment. They would never ask a male actor to do that.. What? They would? Oh, sorry. Never mind.
       Being asked to breast-feed a baby fully clothed may be sexual harassment because she didn't know if it was a real requirement or just for a laugh.. Anything that is just for a laugh is bound to be sexual harassment.
      "When it got to my turn, he held my hand and walked me into the casting room." That's got to be sexual harassment, especially as she thought his compliments were "sickening" Whether he, 
or the other girls, thought his comments were sickening is NOT relevant. It is how she FELT about his comments that makes it sexual harassment.
      “He’s married and quite a bit older but I could tell what he wanted, even then." Now that IS sexual harassment: he did not want anything from this woman, but she began thinking that he did. Her wish-fulfillment fantasy is certainly sexual harassment of the guy

'Sacked For No Reason' - How Sexual Harassment Forced These Women Out Of JobsA Trade Union Congress (TUC) report last year found that on average 52% of women reported experiencing some form of sexual harassment but that in some industries it was much higher. In hospitality industries it is 67%."
What are the figure for sexual harassment of men?

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Roy Moore accuser worked for Clinton campaign as interpreter, reports say
He did nothing illegal with that one or with the other two: they were of age. But he did date a 14-year-old. A 14-year-old who has been a Republican voter and a Trump voter every since. Okay Trump fathers and mothers: would you like your 14 year-old daughter to date a 32-year-old man?

Of course it does.  They do not wish to contribute to society; they want a free ride on everything.

Labour MP Kerry McCarthy Accuses Kelvin Hopkins Of Years Of 'Unwanted Attention'
Vindictive and calculated cruelty: there is a good case to be made for finding Kerry McCarthy guilty of sexual harassment.    This poor guy does not understand how ;politics works: Friendship is toast when it comes to getting attention.   
      He expected her to say something -- to indicate in any way that his behavior was offensive  "I cannot understand why a Parliamentarian of such experience and standing, who is also such a long term friend, would not have told me that she was unhappy with any aspect of our friendship rather than going straight to the national press."   
The Evidence
He later sent her a card saying he had invited her “because you are attractive, intelligent and charming”
God, what a horrible thing to do. Lynch him!
In a second note, Hopkins enclosed a photograph of McCarthy and described her as “prettyI
Even more horror!   Lynch him!
McCarthy said she went to another lunch with Hopkins... He sent a card afterwards suggesting it “would be nice to meet again”.
How dare he!
"You know I think you are lovely ... but I never see enough of you"

What a horrible thing to say!
Hopkins sent a note on parliamentary writing paper to mark he 50th birthday
Now that is really over the top!. Lynch him

Kerry McCarthy is a clearly deranged, thinking all kinds of thing about a guy who did nothing but compliment her and made NO suggestions of any kind (whether inappropriate or not)..
Stupid, stupid, stupid woman.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Jeremy Corbyn suggests Queen should apologise after investing millions offshore
Jeremy pays more taxes than he owes. Always has.
If he doesn't, he should apologise to the nation

Queen Should Give Tax Haven Cash To Grenfell Survivors, Says Labour MP
How much has Labour MP Emma Dent Coad, Paul Sweeney,for Glasgow North East, Ronnie Campbell Northumberland MP, Ian Mearns, Gateshead Labour MP and Neil Findlay, Scottish Labour MSP given to the Grenfell Towers survivors.

Lewis Hamilton 'Avoided' VAT On £16.5m Jet Through Isle of Man Deal
Oh no! You mean he followed the law? How dare he?
Why doesn't he do what we all do, pay more taxes than we owe.
He doesn't realise that our Parliamentarians wrote these laws for themselves and their rich mates, It wasn't for the likes of him.
Jeremy pays more taxes than he owes.  Always has.  
If he doesn't, he should apologise to the nation

Thursday, 12 October 2017

What make the health insurance market sacrosanct?  
Why can't people buy auto insurance across state lines that cost less?

Tonight's live music acts will be mostly male-only. What's holding women back?
absolutely outrageous!  
People should be required to listen to woman musicians whether they want to or not.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Unilever Apologizes for Dove Ad
Look, I am really busy today, so if you could just go and offend yourself, it would really help me out.

EPA to Withdraw Power Plant Rules
What? You think some guys in the power industry will use plants they know are polluting?
Nah, The people who run our power plants have more integrity than that!
They would never pollute just to make a buck, would they

Can’t be bothered to make stock? Here are the ways to keep cooking simple
Of course, she''s right.. Life is to short to do anything of real value.
As Calvin said to Hobbes: "Microwave for 3 and a half minutes, who's got that sort of time."

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Senate Republicans Signal Support for ‘Dreamers,’ With Conditions
"Immigrant activists oppose that, with Dreamer groups saying they don’t want legalization if it puts their parents into greater jeopardy."
     Tough!  This is about you and the unenviable position your parents have put you in.  We do not want to protect people who think they should not have to obey our laws.  We are happy to have them in greater jeopardy of being required to obey our laws.

House Republicans Say Legislation on Gun Silencers Unlikely to Move Ahead 
I can't believe it! Certainly everyone knows that a silenced weapon is only for protection?
Why would Congress not want us to be protected as our 2nd amendment rights say we should?
If you have a permit to carry, only a silencer can let you get away from law enforcement.
         Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) said Tuesday: “The investigation has not even been completed, and I think it’s premature to be discussing legislative solutions, if there are any.”
Why would we want to ban bump-stocks: we want people to be able to shoot more rapidly.   It helps them hunting, since they couldn't hit anything with just 5 single shots.  It is premature to discuss anything that curtails our ability to have a face-off with police officers

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Las Vegas - Lange's thought for the day
      Could we please have a moratorium on all of those tweeting or posting that “if the crowd at Las Vegas had been armed, there would have been fewer killed.”
       I’d also like a moratorium on posts that say “guns are for protection” and other silly memes.    Our right to bear arms has to do with the desire to talk a big game and look cool.  Full  stop.   Nothing particularly wrong with that, as long as you know that is what it is.  I get pretty disgusted with people who pretend that it is something else.
     Only in America does the right to bear arms have special provisions to make sure that nut cases can get guns.  This includes the right to assault rifles with 30 round magazine, for the guys and girls who couldn’t hit a barn from the inside with only 5 shots, and the right to Teflon rounds that can kill our police officers.

US is NOT the most taxed country in the world.
    You started this chain by saying the US has the highest tax in the world.  It doesn’t, not by a long shot.  Many more people live with higher tax burdens than we do.   Nor are the rates of tax historically high in America.  America’s had far higher taxes in its years of maximum prosperity (50s-70s).
     All of this whining about taxes has to do with the idle rich wanting to amass a larger shares of the national wealth.   I can guarantee you that there will be a bust following the Trump  boom, due to his borrowing money to fund his deficits.   Let’s hope it is not as large as the last one that Bush Jr saddled us with.    

Government Tax Take as a percent of GDP, just to mention OECD countries: All of Scandinavia, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, France Germany; Spain, Portugal and Greece. I could add in Cyprus, Slovenia, Swaziland, Canada, Australia, Botswana, Malta, etc. All of these countries take far more than we do in federal, state and local taxes.
    Taxes per capita in the United States totalled $13,482, ranking 16th out of 29 countries for which data were available for 2013. The five with the highest per-capita amounts were Luxembourg, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland, with amounts ranging from $23,000 to $48,000.
     We do have a top corporate of 35%, which the Republicans are about to sensibly reduce to 20%, but the devil will be in the detail. (How many of the deductions, which make Americas effective corporate tax rate about 19%, will go?)

They will also, in a sop to their betters, give the wealthy a mighty tax break, funded by borrowing from the Chinese. Still, that’s understandable, since almost all of Congress are wealthy and DJT has said: look out for your own self.

Tax rates as percent of GDP

Monday, 2 October 2017

This Lawyer Works Pro Bono To Help Undocumented Families
Good for him. Why should undocumented people have to obey our laws. 
They should only obey those laws they don't find inconvenient. Makes for a good citizen.

Trump Administration Officials Defend GOP Tax Plan
The middle class could use a break, but repealing inheritance tax and the alternative minimum tax will not give them that break, it will ONLY benefit the rich.

17 Things never to say to a veggie
Why not eat naturally.
Maybe they ought to move back there.

Why not eat naturally.

Friday, 29 September 2017

Other than the Estate Tax and the Alternative minimum Tax, which are designed for Trump's fortune. and will benefit only the wealthy.   Still, in the best democracy that money can buy, you have to have something to placate your donors

Sexism has no place in British culture and these students knew they were violating local cultural values.   I trust there will be a fine?
London School of Economics concedes annual event is ‘likely to fall foul of the Equality Act'
Sexism has no place in British culture.  These students knew they were violating local cultural values and breaking the law. I trust there will be a fine?

Labour MP Emma Dent Coad Launches Fresh Attack On Royal Family And Says Grenfell Survivors Have Been ‘Abandoned
Yes, they have, mostly by you. You were a K&C councillor since 2004; why didn't you do something for them? You were a member of the board for TMO (who had responsibility for Grendfell Towers); why didn't you do something for them? You are currently the Parliamentarian for Grendfell Towers; why don't you do something for them? (And taking both Councilor and Parliamentary salaries, so it hasn't hurt you much.)
    Why do you think that swiping at Royals will get anything done for Grendfell Towers? 
    Or do you just want the publicity?

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Trump outlines plans for massive tax cuts as he seeks to revive stalled legislative agenda
20% for business is good, as is no deductions for state and local income tax.  Estate and Alternate Minimum Tax is just borrowing money to give the rich a tax break  - all unearned

Disabled people have to apply for 60% more jobs than non-disabled people before finding one
That sounds about right - what I would expect to happen.
 Hard for the disabled, but at least they know it and can take plans to deal with it.

Trump ‘Not Happy’ With Tom Price As House Opens Probe Into Private Plane Travel
Drain the Swamp
Tom Price pent $400,000 on private planes since May, Scoot Pruitt has taken 10 trips to his home in three months, Mnuchin asked the tax peyer to fund his honeymoon and Trump has spent more in one year than Obama did in eigh

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Bombardier Slapped With 219% Duty After Complaint From Boeing
I hope that Trudeau will make good his threat to cancel all deals with Boeing. Does Canada really need these F18s that are the subject US state subsidies. We could also hope that Air Canada and British Airways cancel their orders for 25 Boeing that have not yet been delivered.

Euthanasia a choice for people with disability? It's a threat to our lives
Absolutely. No one should be able to decide when to die. People should be required to live life to the end regardless of how unpleasant.

Labour MP Dent Coad Hits Out At The Sun Over Coverage Of Anti-Royal Family Remarks 
Cheap and inaccurate remarks by a person who hasn't done much for anybody, other than getting some kudos for being on the right side of the Grendfell Towers disaster.       Even then it was more PR than action: she was a Kensington and Chelsea councilor since 2004, on the board of K&C's TMO (who had authority for Grendfell Towers) since May 2014 and holds a degree in Architecture, so one wonder why she didn't do anything then. 
     She is supposed to be a member of the Kensington Council, but we have seen her do much there either.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Seahawks, Titans, Steelers stay in locker rooms during national anthem as more players protest
People have said that the athletes who are protesting do not respect being Americans, but I think they do.
They think being an American means they do not have to be conformist, to do what everybody else does.
They like the American ideal that no one can tell person what to do, unless it interferes with another’s right.

So tell me: How are these athletes interfering with someone’s else’s right?

Jared Kushner Used Private Email Account To Conduct White House Business
You guys just don't understand: IARIYAR
(Its all right if you are republican)

Labour Promises To Cap Credit Card Fees For Three Million People ‘Trapped’ By Debt
To right! We don't want people to pay what they owe. Poor people, especially Labour supporters, should be able to get away with only paying some of what they owe.

Plight of the Waspi women: Labour calls for women's retirement age to be lowered to 64
Absolutely. We should have laws based on sexism. Women should have the right to retire before men because....... Well, just because.