Saturday, 9 August 2014

As in any large organization, when morale goes down, the best and the brightest move on to other things, Only the hacks and the truly dedicated stay.
Many very good points, but also many silly circular arguments that "if women are this way its because we (the men and women in our culture) made them this way." Okay, and by that token if men are sexist, it is not their fault, it is only because our culture made them this way. (Note: women, it seems, are never sexist.)
One particularly annoying sound bite: "Rape is an act of violence, not sex." If people really believed that they would treat the crime as any other act of violence. It is precisely BECAUSE it is sex that the crime is given special status, separate from and more severe than other violent assaults.
Sounds like institutional racism to me
I do not belittle the real problems of unwitting victims of revenge porn but, as the DPP currently operates: sexually explicit posting of consensual sex can become revenge porn when one of the parties decides they do not look good in it and want a way to break up the relationship on a win.
Eliminating congenital disease IS the start of designer babies.
The reason it IS the start is that it can be hard to argue against selecting for children that are healthy as opposed to knowingly producing children who will suffer.
Once this is accepted, subsequent arguments can use the same princioples to advocate producing kids that are intelligent as opposed to knowingly producing children that will struggle to cope.
That leads to selecting for yet other "desirable" characteristics as opposed to knowingly producing kids with "undesirable" ones.
Thus we will gradually reach a point where we select for children based on the value judgements of parents and/or the medical community.
I am not saying that this is right or wrong, good or bad; merely that we should make conscious decisions about what we are doing and why we are doing it.
Limiting short-lists by gender, whether in business or in politics is rank sexisim and should be against the law.

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