Friday, 5 October 2012

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    Oh no! GM milk that helps kids? Don't they know that the letter-combination "GM" is poisonous in and of itself and that anything labelled GM is evil, regardless of the amount of good that it does?
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    Hey, it's a bureaucracy, what did you expect?
  • AvatarYou posted a comment in Forget drugs. We'd rather be on the internet · 5 days ago
    Well, the two are about equally harmful (or harmless, depending on how you want to look at it).
  • AvatarYou posted a comment in Labour to weed out private consultants · 5 days ago
    That'll be the day. I'm looking forward to the flying pig show.
  • AvatarYou posted a comment in IoS exclusive: Cameron in crony row over Brazil factory · 5 days ago
    Absolutely. If you have a friend who is broke or a pleb, he is just a friend. But if the friend has any money or is a toff, then he is a crony. How dare our prime minister support British business abroad? What does he want to do, help the economy recover or something? Scandalous!
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    ON the elements of Fraud: 
    1) Libor reports contain no material facts. The participating banks are asked to guess the rate at which they "could" have borrowed funds, NOT at what rate they did borrow funds.
    2) Very difficult to prove. And easy to refute: just get one guy to say "Yeah, I'd have loaned them money at that rate."
    3) Very difficult to prove, as there is no direct relationship between the alleged victim and the reporting bank. The participating banks did not ask anyone to rely on their guesses. Indeed, the guessers were aware that outlying guesses on both ends (high & low) are discarded before the Libor is set by a third party.
    4) Impossible to prove: no intelligent person could justifiably rely on self-reported guesswork where the guessers have an interest in the outcome. 
    5) Hence, caveat emptor 
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    Who can blame them? They just don't understand why other people won't give them more money so they can live well.
  • AvatarYou posted a comment in Florida sends election departments list of 198 potential noncitizens; some may have illegally voted · 8 days ago
    I think we all are pleased that voter fraud is being "cleaned up."  
    Some are also worried about the kind of voter fraud that prevents legitimate citizens from voting. 
    Why aren't you pleased that they are trying to clean up this kind of voter fraud?
  • AvatarYou posted a comment in Boris Johnson wades into Andrew Mitchell 'plebgate' row · 9 days ago
    I have yet to hear of a little guy being fined for calling someone a toff.
  • AvatarYou posted a comment in Boris Johnson wades into Andrew Mitchell 'plebgate' row · 9 days ago
    "Labour accused the Prime Minister of presiding over a "cover-up" for failing to order an official inquiry into what happened during the altercation."
    Absolutely! After all, an inquiry would distract the country from thinking about how Labour ran our economy into the ground and the coalition is not doing much to get it back up again.   Does parliament REALLY have nothing better to do than worry about whether calling someone "pleb" or "toff" is a hate crime.
  • AvatarYou posted a comment in Gove's new aide: professor who wanted the North written off · 9 days ago
    Ah, Houston, we have Newspeak. 
    Not giving freebies and handouts = written off.
  • AvatarYou posted a comment in 'Upset' Queen raised concerns over Abu Hamza with former Home Secretary · 
    Hook, what hook? As a citizen, she is entitled to tell the people who represent her in government what she thinks. I think the BBC was simply apologising for breaking its own word. Like NOTW's phone hacking , this was simply a violation of the expectation of privacy.
    It is similar to saying: off the record, what do you really think? Oh, really? Well, you should know that when I said "off the record," I had my fingers crossed.

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