Wednesday, 31 August 2011

  • Obummer is on a loser here.  He should say what the Retroblican and Dumbocrat legislators have been saying:
    "We are for creating more jobs and putting America back to work.  What are we doing about it?""Well, um, look over there at that budget deficit, and er, over here there's this thing called a debt ceiling, and, um, we oughta teach intelligent design, and, er, there's this abortion issue we need to discuss, and, um, how about that Obamacare?"
  • Absolutely, Michelle.  We should burn up all of our domestic oil before the Middle-East runs out.  Saving it for later, when it might come in handy is a silly idea. After all, the future is only 4 years long.
  • The media (including FOX News) certainly over-reacted - not sure about the government..
    But you can easily imagine the headlines if the hurricane had been serious and the government hadn't done nearly enough.  Imagine?  What am I saying, just remember Katrina.
  • Too right!  As long as people can employ illegals with impunity, the leak will continue.
    Start throwing employers in jail and things will change.
    Some folks say "build a better border" -Oh yeah, that worked out really well for East Germany

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