Saturday, 16 July 2011

  • Okay, all the research shows  that the death penalty is not a deterrent and that the process costs far more than lifetime imprisonment.   But folks only want to save money and reduce big government on things they disagree with.  If they support something, then it's "give me big government, spend the tax dollars; who cares what it costs or whether it works?"
    Yep. Everyone wants to cut big government, except for the programs that pay me other people's money.
           The oil industry, steel and airlines (the other big corporate welfare recipients, are worried too, but they are doing it more quietly - just putting their money where their mouth is, to buy congressional votes left, right and center.
  •    The only people opposed to reducing corporate welfare through cutting tax incentives, deductions and allowances (e.g.the subsidies for the oil industry or agribusiness) are those with a vested interest in the subsidized industries.
         The only folks who oppose a mild increase on the top 5% (who corner 22% of the income and 60% of the wealth in the USA), are those in the 5%, those few with some chance of getting in, and those who are paid for their votes.

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