Monday, 7 March 2011

  • They didn't get in touch because first they knew that people like Robert Fisk would have published it to the world so that Gaddafi could retaliate, as he has done with the American attempt to send arms via the Saudis. Given the likes of Fisk, Mr Gaddafi doesn't need friends.
  • You are sure that a lot of us "would mop up sick-filled cells for less" than £5k a year? Well, I expect you've put your name forward then?
    Or was that Porter Street Bollocks for "some other peasant will do it, they actually like doing jobs like this," was it? 
  • Yes Mervyn. In other industries we call it fraud, bunko, or "the con" and we put people in prison when they do it, not praise and reward them.

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